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Planning Submission

Holden Lancashire Ltd. is well experienced in submitting Planning Applications. This is reinforced by having experience in working within the Local Government sector.

To ensure that we deliver a successful application we take into account the requirements of the client, the surrounding area, Local Authority, Central Government and any other issues that might affect the project.

Some applications may be straight forward but some might require pre-application submissions. This will give us the opportunity discuss the scheme with the Local Authority and overcome any potential issues that may arise during the application.

Holden Lancashire Ltd. will deal with the everything that comes with submitting a Planning Application, application forms, assisting in procuring and coordinating the various environmental inputs, including noise, traffic, ecology & landscape, to name but a few.

On larger projects a Design & Access Statement is a key document to support the application. It is our responsibility therefore to ensure a robust statement is produced, giving a detailed account of the development of the design and the decisions made through the process.

Once the application has been submitted we will track the progress of the application and update you with any information we receive.

Once consent is achieved, where necessary, the discharge of planning conditions is needed. If required, Holden Lancashire Ltd. will undertake the lead role in coordinating the discharge of planning conditions by submitting the required information.

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